Why You Should Consider Taking Protein Shakes

Protein shakes usually come in liquid or powdered form and include different tasty flavors. They are very convenient health drinks for dieting. You can make protein shakes very easily at home. We would like to shed some light on the major benefits of protein shakes to tell you why you should consider taking them.

Major Benefits of Protein Shakes

#1. Muscle Growth

Researchers said that daily caloric and protein intake matters most when it is about muscle growth. And to get the right workout regimen. Building muscle also needs a proper amount of protein. And we already know that protein shakes are very convenient and easy to make. Whey protein works quickly in your body. So after a workout whey protein will help to get a fast recovery. Protein shakes are very easy, making drinks which help to grow muscle quickly.

#2. Weight Management

In the weight management process, protein shakes are very popular. It can help to keep your feeling longer, explains white. It also helps to curb your hunger, which is also very much needed to manage your weight. By taking the proper amount of protein shakes helps to reduce weight a lot. You may consider a good protein shake like Premiere Pro for weight loss.

Studies show that adults ate about 441 fewer calories when they took protein intake from 15 to 30 percent, losing an average 11-pound weight within 12 weeks. By decreasing hunger, it helps to reduce weight as well. Protein shakes are a very popular and essential food in the weight management process. By drinking these shakes, you can also get proper protein and recover easily after a workout.

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#3. Gives Vegans a Protein Option

Vegans always face problems whenever they need some adequate protein for their bodies. Still, eating cups of black beans or protein-containing vegetables may not be enjoyable enough and less tasty as well. SO vegans also need some variety in their food, but it is not easy for them. But plant-based protein reduces their problem. They can get a different test in their daily meal by taking protein shakes. It is another easy and tasty way to get protein in their daily meal.

#4. Keeps Bones Healthy

Many people in different parts of the world suffer from osteoporosis. One of the most effective ways to avoid this issue is to maintain a protein-rich diet. Osteoporosis specifically affects bones, and women are more vulnerable to this health condition compared to men.

Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care published a report in 2014 that stated dietary protein helps in preventing fractures. The report also stated that women’s bone health can be significantly improved with dietary protein.

Different Types of Protein

Some popular types of protein powder that we can get are:

  • Whey protein: Dairy-based, firstly absorbed, and necessary amino acids are contained.
  • Casein protein: Dairy-based, Slowly absorbed, and all necessary amino acids will get from this type.
  • Soy protein: This is Plant-based and also has all amino acids. It contains soy isoflavones that provide some health benefits.
  • Hemp protein: It contains very low amino acid lysine but is high in omega 3 and 6. It is also a plant-based protein. 
  • Rice protein: This one is also plant-based, and essential amino acids are low.
  • Pea protein: Plant-based protein and the quantity of non-essential amino acids and methionine are very low.

Some brands in the market mix different types of powder. For example, various plant based proteins combine 2 or 3 types of proteins.

Bottom Line

A more recent study, which was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2017, found that protein intake above the current recommended dietary allowance may lower the risk of hip fractures by as much as 16 percent and increase bone mineral density. Surprisingly, animal- and plant-based proteins are equally beneficial. Even though more research is needed, researchers agree that high-protein diets support bone health.

Proteins have many benefits for our health. Whey proteins are much more suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. But you have to remember one thing. Who have kidney or liver problems then before consuming protein shakes, you must consult with your doctor before taking protein shakes. Protein is very much helpful to boost your power and recover your health. To include protein shakes in your diet is essential to maintain a healthy diet. They may improve your health and well-being as well. When you are trying to make a balanced diet, these shakes may help a lot. Boost your performance in the gym; protein shakes are needed because it helps to fast recover from exercise.

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